Tracy Sheldon

Broker Associate
7175 West Jefferson Avenue
Suite 4700
Lakewood CO 80235

Office: (303)274.7724
Cell: (720)261.2361
Fax: (303)274.9003


As a knowledgeable expert, what makes me different from other candidates is my ability to create a lasting and profound impact on my customers. My communication style, availability and hard work is second to none. I possess advanced training and designations as well as professional recognition and membership in professional organizations. These are all personal commitments to my profession.

Additionally, I do not market myself. Now why is that important to you? It is important because it means that unlike most other brokers who spend 50-70% of their time looking for their next client through various means, I instead spend 100% of my time working with my clients. You see, the only way my business continues to grow is by having clients who are so exceptionally happy with the service I provide to them and those they care about, they want to refer everyone they know to me.

My expertise is with buyers. My experience and dedication to home buyers comes from walking my clients through the entire process; locating the hottest deal in the area my clients want to live in and finding the absolute best financing available in today's volatile market. I go that extra mile for my buyers; find out if the seller will except a competing offer, phone my business partner (who also works as an appraiser) to confirm property value, tracking my buyers down to initiate the contract on my laptop, get loan authorization day or night, craft a letter to the sellers as to why my buyers love the house, emailing purchase contracts with electronic signature with just minutes to spare.

Formerly with Sheldon Homes, Inc., I initiated new home contracts (i.e. builder contracts). I have 7 years experience filling out these contracts, addendums and disclosures and negotiating with the builder on the buyer's behalf.

With one of the biggest transactions in your life, I will represent you professionally in 3 ways:

1.  A Master Negotiator,

2. 15 years of residential real estate experience, and

3. With cutting edge processes to ensure that my clients receive consistent communication throughout each transaction process.



Hey Tracy, Thanks so much for all you had done for me and my family with my Mom's property. I can't thank you enough. You will rank number one on my list forever. You made this sale very easy on me.

   Barb O'Connor


Tracy, one thing I realized after speaking with you is that even though a home is a product that is sold in the market, it's not just a commodity, but you also buy customer service as part of the product.

Thank you so much,

  David Jitendranath


Hi Tracy, I cannot thank you enough for assisting us in the purchase of our new home. You went above and beyond to negotiate the purchase price, find a home loan and truly establishing a relationship with us that will last the rest of our lives. I felt so taken care of in this process due to your professionalism and communication with us, as there was a lot to this transaction and you are so knowledgeable in the industry. You explained everything to me in such detail that I could understand it, as I had a lot of questions and doubts. You really kept to our goal which was the price range we were comfortable with and I thank you for that.

   Sara Wiley

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